Mission & Objective

The commission has a mandate to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the National Food Security Act (NFSA), 2013 in the State. Three schemes namely- Targeted Public Distribution System, Integrated Child Development Services and Mid Day Meal come within the purview of this Act.

Statutory Function of OSFC :

There are mainly three major Functions of OSFC:

  • inspect or cause to be inspected, the non-compliance of policy decisions of the Government relating to NFSA,2013
  • organise regional camps to build awareness about benefits and entitlements under the Act
  • define measures for redressal of grievances in three implementing departments i.e. FS&CW, W&CD and S&ME.
Powers of OSFC :

The Commission have been empowered to,

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the schemes pursuant to the NFSA, 2013.
  • Either suo motu or on receipt of complaint inquire into violations of entitlement.
  • Hear appeals against orders of the District Grievance Redressal Officer.
  • Give advice to the State Government, their agencies, autonomous bodies as well as non-governmental organisations involved in delivery of relevant services for the effective implementation of food and nutrition related schemes, to enable individuals to fully access their entitlements specified in this Act.
Field Position on Food & Nutrition Security :

Each of the Scheme coming under this Act, is being implemented by the respective Administrative Department with a synergetic approach. It is essential to bring all the players to a common platform to optimise their efforts and effectiveness through convergence and better appreciation of the ground realities.

Innovations in Securing Food and Nutrition :

In addition to TPDS, ICDS and MDM schemes, district authorities may have introduced/ identified schemes/ programmes to cater to the special needs of their locality. Such innovative and good practices will be shared from time to time with an open mind.

Integrated Grievance Redressal Mechanism

FS&CW Department had notified PD-DRDA as the District Grievance Redressal Officer(DGRO) under the NFSA on 14th October 2015. In the 1st convergence meeting of SFC convened through the FS&CW Department and held on 2nd June 2016, Chief Secretary to Government had requested Secretary W&CD and S&ME Departments to issue office order/notification for District Social Welfare Officer and District Education Officer to assist DGRO in disposal of grievances at district level.

Institutionalisation of Independent DGRO/NFSA Cell

As per the decisions taken in the said convergence meeting, DRDAs are to earmark an independent room in the offices of DRDAs to function as “NFSA Cell” for redressal of all grievances which could not be resolved satisfactorily at the level of C.S.O., D.S.W.O. and D.E.O.